Areas of Practice


The strategy of our firm is to appoint the most appropriate lawyer in each particular case, making sure that our standard of services is met at all times.

Our expertise in general litigation is met at all times.

  • Negligence claims.
  • Tort claims (libel and slander, fraud,)
  • Family and matrimonial cases
  • Rent control cases
  • Employment law cases
  • Banking cases
  • Insurance claims
  • Mareva and Norwich Pharmacal injunctions
  • Representation of parties in arbitration procedures

Cyprus offers a dynamic environment for investment firms combined by European regulation. Our Firm has been legal advisor to major European MIFID compliant Forex Brokers established in Cyprus and has assisted companies to obtainregulatory licensesin many jurisdictions inside and outside Europe. We offer compliance and Anti - money laundering services as well as day to day support and legal assistance in maintaining the investment firm compliant with the continuously changing regulatory frame. We like to work closely with the investment firm’s directors and officers in order to make them familiar with the commanding legislation safeguarding the investment firm’s course in the industry.


We have from the beginning established our own service provider that offers services through expert personnel that frequently receives education and constantly updated on the regulatory changes in order to be able to adjust the tailor made solutions we provide our clients. Our interest does not lie in just invoicing for services but to internally cross sell the legal expertise we have in order to create the best structure to serve our clients’ needs by offering the full range of services.


We represent clients in order to enforce their IP Rights. We handle cases as regards the protection of music rights for societies in Cyprus and abroad.

Our knowledge is multi faceted in Cyprus and abroad:

  • Trademarks and their local or worldwide registration
  • Copyright
  • Design
  • Patents
  • Local & International registration of intellectual property
  • Infringement & passing off actions,
  • Licensing intellectual property and technology
  • Enforcement of intellectual property
  • Drafting of any relevant agreement

Over the years we have developed skills and experience in handling of commercial and retail debts on behalf of local and overseas clients who are owed money from natural and legal persons residing or having property within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus or abroad. We are working closely with one of the pioneers in the industry for investigations on the financial status of the debtor and having the intelligence needed we can design and enforce effective methods of securing or freezing assets prior to litigation. Our work includes commencement and trial of debt collection proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, attachment proceedings, proceedings for invalidation of fraudulent dissipation of assets and many more.


Our firm advises and handles the drafting and execution of wills and deals with the administration of estates also undertaking probate work. We consider ourselves very familiar with all procedures needed to execute wills and administrate the property of a deceased person whether in Cyprus or abroad. We can give foreigners living in Cyprus, advice on their estate offering trustee services for such estates, including the drafting and execution of international trusts for such reasons.


Our Firm can guide you through any building dispute or claim via Court or Arbitration resulting from simple or complicated property contractual commitments. We are able to offer advice on land purchase or sale, tenancies, construction disputes and property management.


Cyprus has established as of 2015 the institution of Insolvency Practitioners. Our Firm being always on its toes to adopt new practices has in its manpower as early as the same year one of the first Insolvency Practitioners that has acquired the credentials. Hence we undertake any kind of debt and corporate restructuring through services offered for Personal Schemes of Repayment as well as appointments by Court or otherwise in order to salvage corporations and their assets and or to offer liquidation and bankruptcy services.


Our key strength in Mergers and Acquisition is our deep understanding of the corporate governance aspects of transactions. Based on a natural instinct that makes the end result work both for the favor of our clients and the smooth operation of the entity after the merge or acquisition, we have assisted many clients with successful related transactions.


Our firm can handle the a to z process of any immigration issue arising as well as assisting and supporting you in choosing and implementing any of the offered investment schemes connected with citizenship or residency, that would best suit your needs.


We take the involvement in family and matrimonial issues very seriously and we face each case with the confidentiality and sensitivity necessary to accomplish the best result for our clients. Our aim is to pursue our clients’ rights without involving minors trying to safeguard them from an already stressful and aggravated situation. Our philosophy lies We connect with psychologists and child psychologists in order to better support our clients if needed and if situation permits we mediate prior to pursuing litigation solutions.


Over the last years Cyprus has faced one of the most challenging eras in the Banking sector as the international financial changes have required the markets to sustain severe changes. Our ability to adjust as well as our expertise in the financial and banking industry has been mostly valuable for our clients to face the said challenges. Amongst other we work on:

  • Representation of banking institutions before court in disputes arising with customers.
  • Drafting relevant agreements
  • Opinions on banking issues
  • Issuing of interim orders
  • Restructuring Schemes through our Insolvency Practitioners.